Sep 27 2012

Duncan pedals “Beyond Gold” on day 1 of charity cycle ride

Wednesday 26th September 22:00, Arundel, West Sussex

One down, Two to go! Day 1 started with a drive into London in extremely wet conditions although as Rich and I (5th and 4th from left) unloaded the bikes and walked across Putney Bridge the sun began to shine. It was however short lived and before we actually got around to starting then ride the storm clouds were back.

We made our way out of London via Richmond Park, Hampton Court, Kingston and on towards Weybridge and Byfleet although progress was slow with a few mechanical faults causing the first couple of hours riding to be a little stop, start. In fact when we stopped for lunch in Ripley we had covered less than 15 miles in more than 2 hours. The sun was beginning to come out again though so the group was in pretty good spirits.

Needing to press on towards Arundel and with the Surrey Hills, and the first real climbing of the day, to be negotiated we got underway and surprise, surprise – it began raining again. When I say raining I mean it was absolutely chucking it down and it remained that way well into the afternoon.

The Surrey Hills were hard, but by the time we got to Cranleigh the sun was beginning to come out and with the biggest climb of the day out of the way, we made good progress down into West Sussex upping the average speed to 17/18 mph. The steepest climb of the day from Amberley to Bury hurt everyone but we then had a great decent down into Arundel, passed the castle and to the hotel.

We got a few odd looks when we stood all the bikes in the jet wash at the local garage but nothing compared to the looks we got as we traipsed into the hotel reception, still wet from another recent downpour and in full lycra and cleated shoes – we must of made a very strange sight.

Day 2 starts with the serious business of a trip to the Childrens Hospice – the reason we are all doing this. I have visited the hospice before so I know what to expect but I think that it will be a shock to some of the guys – especially as most are parents. I am also sure this will spur us on later in the day when we tackle 90+ miles and plenty of climbing again.

The route sees us head across Sussex towards Tunbridge Wells in Kent. This is the hardest day in terms of miles and climbs and I am sure a few legs will ache in the morning as well. The weather looks better and I am sure that the team will get all the motivation they need from the Hospice visit. We did have some professional photos taken as we set off and on route so I will try and share a few of those on this blog later in the week and if the weather is better I’ll also be hoping to post a few updates on Twitter during the day.

You can still support this great cause through sponsorship by clicking on the link below:


You can also follow my progress on Twitter: @DuncanKneller

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Duncan Kneller

Duncan Kneller is director of sales at Conject. He joined the company in 2000 and quickly established himself as a key sales and account manager, before taking on the sales director role in 2011. Duncan has also spearheaded the company's cycling fund-raising events in recent years.

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