Sep 25 2012

Preparing for the ISG “Beyond Gold” challenge

Tuesday 25th September, 10:00, Woking 

After 3 months of preparation and training it was frustrating to find out that we would not, after all,  be granted access to the Olympic Park due to logistical and security concerns. I sat down with Vince (the ride organiser) on Saturday and remapped the route for the ride which will now start and finish in Putney following the Olympic ride route both out, and back into London.

This means the infamous Box Hill will now be tackled on the third day, with tired legs, rather than the first day whilst we are still fresh.

Day 1: Wednesday (see map opposite) will see us leave London at 10.00am and head out towards Woking and then South between Guildford and Dorking. At 32 miles we begin the 2 mile, 795ft ascent of the ‘mountain’…. (ok hill) towards Cranleigh Golf Club. This is by far the most difficult climb of the day before we head south towards the coast at Arundel. In all we will be covering 70 miles and climbing a total of 3840 feet on day 1.

I’d like to say it will be all downhill from there but unfortunately it’s not. Following a visit to the Chestnut Tree Hospice in the morning, Day 2: Thursday:  consists of a ride of nearly 100 miles and more than 6,000 feet of climbing. I will post the route map and profile after day 1 (assuming I am still around!).

Leaving a mere 90 miles of riding on Day 3: Friday…. oh and the notorious Box Hill climb together with a total of another 5,000 feet of climbing. Thank goodness we managed to make the mileage up otherwise we were looking at a few loops at Box Hill!

The weather isn’t looking particularly great for the ride at the moment with rain forecast for Day 1 and Day 2 although the wind looks like it should be fairly manageable. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we may be saved from three wet days of riding. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on the forecast.

So in total we will be riding 250 miles, assuming we don’t take a wrong turn, and climbing nearly 15,000 feet over three days. To put this in perspective L’Alpe d’Huez, one of the main mountain climbs during the Tour de France is a climb of just under 5,000 feet so this is going to be pretty challenging but it’s all for an extremely good and worthy cause.

If you’d like to contribute and support please click on the link below:


You can also follow my progress on Twitter: @DuncanKneller


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Duncan Kneller is director of sales at Conject. He joined the company in 2000 and quickly established himself as a key sales and account manager, before taking on the sales director role in 2011. Duncan has also spearheaded the company's cycling fund-raising events in recent years.

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