Oct 18 2012



1,700 exhibitors from 34 countries participated at the Expo Real 2012 property trade fair staged in southern Munich last week. CONJECT had its own booth at the metropoleRuhr region showing software and services for the Plan-Build-Operate lifecycle addressing developers, investors and retail chains.

The sales team were kept very busy – Dominque, Andrea and Stefan almost lost their voices with appointments every half an hour for 3 days in a row. We had 105 requests for appointments upfront and so were not able to address all of them over the three days, but we will be arranging one to one meetings very soon with anyone we didn’t manage to see.

Among the attendees we saw, the most relevant topic proved to be Cost Management throughout the whole Plan-Build-Operate lifecycle. Many participants stated that they are looking for help on how to stay in control of costs and increase transparency, either right at the beginning of the project or when managing a whole real estate portfolio.  We also received feedback that it was important for our customers to consider the complete life cycle of an asset and not just selected phases. As we have the same approach, it became very apparent that we can add real value for them. So, within the next months will spend a couple of days with many of them to analyze the existing processes and find out, how CONJECT can help.

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Michelle Mason leads the UK and MEAP Marketing team, with far too many years in B2B marketing to mention. A CONJECT newbie, Michelle is eagerly climbing a steep learning curve.

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