Oct 25 2012

CONJECT to attend MAPIC retail real estate event in Cannes

CONJECT will be attending MAPIC in Cannes for the first time this year!

MAPIC provides a unique exhibition area and conference series dedicated to retail real estate. It brings together retail and real estate leaders to explore the most innovative projects, discover new retail properties, forge partnerships, close deals, and stay on top of trends and innovation in the retail real estate industry.

At CONJECT, retail customers form a significant percentage of our customers across all of our regions. For such customers International expansion is a hot topic and CONJECT has proved to be a good partner in helping our customers to meet the strict deadlines and regulations involved when opening new stores in emerging international territories. Erst-August-Galerie, ECE

Customers with multi-region outlets face increasing levels of contract complexity due to variations of local planning laws and procedures and if a store opening is delayed, they can incur financial losses. To ensure compliance with such demands they need to be sure that they can bring together and maintain full property documentation and revision information.

This is where CONJECT can help as we can make certain that all real estate data is complete and accessible, helping the decision making process and ensuring our customers are compliant with the property legislation of each country.

If you are at MAPIC this year and would like to find out more about us, call +49 89 95414 342 or email Dominique.Schlitt@conject.com to arrange a meeting at the show. Or just register on our web site.

We look forward to seeing you at Cannes!





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