Nov 02 2012

Skanska expand with CONJECT following succesful BIM & LEED projects in Central Europe


A few weeks ago we received the good news that Skanska Commercial Development Europe had signed an extended deal with CONJECT which includes expansion of the software into further countries in Central Europe. This arrangement builds upon the successful deployment of CONJECT’s applications in the UK and Poland.

Back in 2007, Skanska’s UK team used CONJECT’s software to deliver the $500m award winning Zlote Tarasy retail, office and entertainment complex in Warsaw. And currently Skanska UK are using our NEC3 Contract Management and Commercial Management modules as part of the Connect Plus consortium who manage the orbital M25 motorway.

In Central Europe, CONJECT has been working with Skanska Property Poland (a business unit of Skanska Commercial Development Europe) for over two years now. Our software supports all document and project management processes throughout the Plan-Build-Operate phases, helping them to build and sell properties in shorter timescales with improved efficiencies., Skanska’s  communications and marketing manager, Jakub Zagórski, commented:

“The implementation of CONJECT software in Skanska Commercial Development Europe is intended to streamline and optimise design documentation, archiving processes and the organisation and legal aspects of all the special purpose vehicles. This will improve cooperation and idea exchange, and support project control. By implementing the same standards across all Skanska Commercial Development Europe operations, we have helped deliver new projects more quickly. Project teams work to tried and tested standards which means faster mobilisation and more efficient completion.”

Of these projects in Poland, Malta House is particularly significant as it is the first project where Skanska have used BIM on a broad scale. Unlike the usual approach where 2D drawings were exchanged in a step-by-step approach, now it was necessary to exchange complete BIM models securely as file sizes were much larger than traditional 2D files. A potential risk when working with BIM is that people could be working with out-of-date models. To mitigate this risk, all project stakeholders need to have access to the latest revised model and this is where CONJECT was able to add real value to the scheme. The software provides secure and reliable exchanges of BIM information with each step of the approval process traced and audited.

“With CONJECT we can exchange our large BIM files in a secure, reliable and auditable manner. Thanks to the automatic versioning of our BIM files in CONJECT, all project participants can easily and anytime trace what changes and decisions were made. In whatever phase,  we’re sure we’re always talking about the same revision of a model file.”   Said Roland Jarosz, Project Leader, Skanska Property Poland

In addition to this, Malta House is a class A green office complex (the first office in Poznan to receive LEED certification at platinum level). Skanska is leading in the development of “green” office building and in 2010, had a very specific requirement to support LEED certification across all of their developments.  It was of the upmost importance that all review and change management procedures were managed and kept up to date in accordance with the documentation required for the certification. CONJECT has ensured fulfilment of LEED criteria by organising and storing the files and documents which meet the accreditation. Skanska Project Manager Piotr Strokosz said:

“We have chosen CONJECT to be our central document management platform, which incorporates project development with corporate legal documentation. Furthermore CONJECT is essential when aiming for Green Building certification, because it ensures that all review and change management processes are handled as specified, and the documentation required for the certification is up to date.” 

On the back of their success with Skanska Poland,  CONJECT will be supporting the document and project management processes for Skanska Commercial Development Europe within Hungary, The Czech Republic and Romania. The programmes of works include future BIM and LEED projects.

Colin Smith, CEO of CONJECT said:

“The signing of this agreement testifies to the spirit of cooperation created to date, and to the recognition, esteem and trust of our partners at Skanska in our products and services.”


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