Jun 13 2013

7 Questions to Sebastian Podrzycki, the new sales manager for Conject Poland

What’s your background? Why did you choose CONJECT?

Hello, I started with CONJECT on April 15th as the new country sales manager responsible for Poland.Sebastian

I have over 17 years of experience in the IT industry, predominantly with CRM market leaders such as Update / Siebel and ERP.

For the last 10 years I worked for a company called update software AG. I was responsible for sales of CRM solutions primarily for medium and large companies, particularly in the media, construction, manufacturing and hi-tech sectors. My clients included: Axel Springer, Gruner + Jahr, Lafarge, TVN, Sodexo Pass, Stroer, Xerox and many others.

Working for CONJECT is an exciting new challenge for me. My tasks include the opening of a new office in Warsaw, maintaining the current high level of satisfaction of existing customers and to reach out to engage with new customers.

What trends can be seen in the Polish market?

The Polish economy performed better than other economies during the global downturn in recent years. EU membership helped open Poland to trade and investment from many multinational companies. But experts attribute the country’s recent economic achievement to other factors, including a healthy banking sector, low levels of debt and cheap labour costs.

Poland’s population of 39 million also provides a large market for domestic goods that are now in demand, thanks to the success of comprehensive economic reforms in the 1990’s that encouraged rapid expansion in the private sector. We expect Poland to continue outperforming the CEE region as its large domestic market and economy depending on exports to Germany provide a measure of insulation from the sovereign debt crisis.

Which customers are we addressing?Polish flag

My foremost focus is to retain and develop current customers, who use CONJECT successfully in Poland. Our local customers are mainly in the commercial development and finance sectors (funds or property management and services segment).

Furthermore, I plan to focus on markets and sectors which have been successful in other European countries. These are mainly companies from the construction market who are involved in a large, long-term investment projects like – developers, property managers, real estate, energy and retail. I want to take advantage of great references from the German market such as Hochtief, Bilfinger Berger, Strabag, CommerzReal, ECE, Allianz Immobilien and others.

Where do we see growth potential? How did CONJECT grow over the last years in the market?

Within the decade to come, it will be the energy construction sector that will take up the role of the driver of the Polish construction industry as a whole. The years 2010-2011 saw the launching of tenders for construction of necessary energy generating utilities of over PLN 60 bln. The majority of the new energy blocks are scheduled for construction in 2015-2016, but one or two year delays of these investments are very probable, mainly due to the prolonged tender procedures.

Further segments that stand out as having big development potential are the non-residential housing construction segment and within it particularly office, industrial and commercial buildings construction. The Polish retail sector for example will grow significantly in 2013 due to a large number of new mall projects in major cities with customers such as ECE, MediaSaturn and Inter Ikea all using CONJECT to support their retail expansion plans.

What about SaaS? Is that a topic? Other trends?

140 000 active CONJECT users worldwide cannot be wrong.

The simple-to-use interface combined with advanced functionally is ideal for use via the SaaS licensing model. Looking for sales growth of CONJECT applications in the construction area, I will try to find as many clients as possible who are looking to take advantage of the benefits of adopting a SaaS approach.

New Office? What’s the plan & schedule?

We are currently evaluating several new offices in Warsaw. We need somewhere which is centrally located, has suitable facilities and can help us provide a welcoming atmosphere for our customers.

Once this is done, I’ll also be responsible for registering and setting up the branch’s legal status which involves matters relating to tax, law and accounting. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to invite you to meet with me at our new offices in Warsaw. Watch this space!


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