Jan 17 2014

7 Questions for Ralf Haendl – The new CEO of CONJECT group

Ralf Handl

CONJECT blog: Ralf, you have been CEO of the CONJECT Group since the beginning of the year. For many years before that you had been a shareholder in CONJECT and had acted as a consultant to the business – what made you take up this post?

Ralf Haendl:
CONJECT is one of Europe’s leading providers of applications to the real estate, infrastructure and construction sectors. Organisations in these sectors are facing growing pressures in terms of costs and deadlines as well as ever stricter conditions and regulations. This is forcing the sectors to introduce process improvements and workflow automation, both within enterprises and between contracting parties. The industry is currently undergoing a structural transformation from one with a strong focus on investment to one with a strong focus on information. This is an extremely exciting development that holds a lot of potential for growth and for shaping business both in Europe itself as well as in other international markets such as the Middle East and Asia.


CONJECT blog: What experience do you bring to CONJECT?

Ralf Haendl: I have been in the construction and real estate business for over 25 years. I have had the opportunity to shape and develop international business strategy in leading positions at companies such as “Bauer”, “Walter Bau”, “Bilfinger” and “Drees & Sommer”. The experience I gathered in Asia and the USA was especially valuable. I particularly enjoyed encouraging people from different cultural backgrounds, with different value systems to strive towards common goals.

I’ve acted as a consultant for CONJECT for a number of years, mainly supporting sales and the company’s internationalisation, so I’m familiar with the company and understand the requirements of CONJECT’s national and international customers very well. I will put this know-how to use to further develop our products and portfolio.


CONJECT blog: What will be your first “official act” as the new CEO?

Ralf Haendl: To align the focus of the company and our people even more strongly toward the market and customers. That is why I spent a lot of time travelling in the last few weeks, talking to our employees at almost all of the company’s locations. I was very impressed with the commitment and the ideas that the teams were putting into the planning for 2014. What we need to do now is to collate these ideas and put them to work to achieve our common goal for CONJECT: to help revolutionise the construction and real estate industry through innovative and sustainable products, processes and technologies.


CONJECT blog: Where do you see the strength of the CONJECT Group and where do you think the company needs to improve?

Ralf Haendl: The company’s size and financial health, as well as its strong international commitment, are definitely strengths that represent an advantage over the competition. However, the most important point is our all-round expertise with respect to products and consulting. Whereas many companies only offer partial solutions for specific areas, we cover just about every aspect of the plan, build & operate life cycle.

We need to work on marketing our products even better. In discussions with our customers we often notice that there is insufficient awareness in the market of our new developments and extensions to the existing product portfolio.


CONJECT blog: What can we all look forward to in 2014?

Ralf Haendl: 2014 will be a significant year for us with regards to delivering against our strategy of supporting the full Plan, Build, Operate life cycle.  One important step is the international roll out of our new cloud based FM application. Major new functional enhancements will be delivered to strengthen our position in the Project Controls market, and at the same time we will be increasing our functional support for Building Information Modelling “BIM”.

What is your future vision for the CONJECT Group?

Ralf Haendl: My vision is to see CONJECT continue to expand both nationally and internationally. The construction and real estate sectors will undergo major changes in the coming years and CONJECT will be a driving force behind these changes. Everyone involved in the planning, development, construction or operation of property will work with CONJECT in one way or another – whether on a PC/laptop or via mobile devices.

What can our customers expect from the new CEO?

Ralf Haendl: Close contact to our customers and customer-focus are very important to me. I want to be close to our customers changing challenges so that we can offer solutions that make them more successful.

Read the news announcement about the appointment of Ralph Haendl as CONJECT CEO

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