Jan 30 2014

An interview with Wapp6 CEO Franck Meudec

Franck MeudecCONJECT blog: Hello Franck, Wapp6 has been part of the CONJECT group for a short time now. Why did you pursue the opportunity and what impact does it have on Wapp6?

Franck Meudec: Wapp6 is a successful French company, offering software to assist parts of the plan-build-operate lifecycle, but we want to extend our product offering to the full range of users’ needs, such as comprehensive project management, facility management and real estate management. CONJECT offers those products and has a global presence. Teaming-up with CONJECT means more products immediately available for our customers and provides a fantastic opportunity to make our own products via the CONJECT global footprint.

CONJECT blog: How many customers are using Wapp6, and how are they using it?

Franck Meudec: Wapp6 have over 400 active customers, with nearly 30,000 having used our software in total in France. The most successful product is the defects management tool, but we also offer document management, resource planning, financial management and reporting. Our strength lies in our service offering and industry expertise. A Wapp6 team member is deeply involved in all customer projects to ensure optimal adoption of industry best practices and optimal usage of Wapp6 products to deliver customer requirements.

CONJECT blog: What experience do you bring to CONJECT?

Franck Meudec: I’ve worked in the construction and real estate software market for many years. I know the requirements of our customers, in particular in the area of defects management, so I can contribute both mobile software and industry expertise to CONJECT.

CONJECT blog: What is the joint strength of CONJECT and Wapp6?

Franck Meudec: CONJECT and Wapp6 now have the best offering for the plan-build-operate lifecycle in the European market. Together we will offer more complete solutions to customers worldwide.   

CONJECT blog: What challenges do you expect to encounter?

Franck Meudec: We will need to learn to work together and understand each market’s individual needs, how to enhance and integrate our products and navigate cultural differences. But these are exciting challenges. The teams are very positive about the opportunity we will manage challenges as they arise, to ensure our customers see the value of this fusion from day one.

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