Mar 14 2014

CONJECT approved for G-Cloud collaboration software

Procurement of software applications can involve various departments, who all have needs which require consideration within the remit specification.  In the public sector, this activity can be even more complex and time consuming due to additional stakeholder input and the need to check and ratify that the desired vendor represents value to the public purse.

To improve procurement and effective use of cloud-based software & IT managed services in the public sector, the UK Government is committed to the G-Cloud framework.  Keen to utilise more efficient methods of coordinating administrative functions and realising the cost and time savings that cloud software can deliver, G-Cloud has been developed to deliver fundamental changes to the way the public sector procures and operates Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Get approved SaaS solutions without the headaches

G-Cloud enables experienced vendors to supply their technology and expertise by illustrating how they meet budget, technology and other requirements to the public sector client.  Among the various ICT products and services is the CloudStore which provides information about SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) in different market categories including collaboration which is where you can find conject Project Control & conject NEC3 Contract Management.

CONJECT passed the rigorous accreditation process by detailing how its software is supported by robust IT infrastructure and comprehensive product support.  In addition, all of the administrative checks such as training, service level agreements, consumer responsibilities, on-boarding procedures and privacy settings have been carried out and ratified in order to simplify the procurement process.

For a number of years CONJECT has supported a wide range of public sector programmes of work including several major projects at the London 2012 Summer Olympics, and has direct relationships with numerous public sector clients in the health, education, highways, rail and local government sectors.

The appointment of CONJECT to the G-Cloud will enable public sector clients to significantly reduce the amount of red tape normally involved with the procurement process when buying and implementing cloud services.

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Michelle Mason leads the UK and MEAP Marketing team, with far too many years in B2B marketing to mention. A CONJECT newbie, Michelle is eagerly climbing a steep learning curve.

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