Mar 07 2014

Fixes for common helpdesk questions

Every day 100,000 users login to CONJECT collaborationUser help applications in order to increase the efficiency and quality of all types of construction projects.

User issues and questions are supported by the smart team on our Helpdesk – by phone, web chat or email.  Three common questions asked by users include the ubiquitous ‘I forgot my password’, plus two issues that if done correctly, will increase your productivity.

I forgot my password!

Password security settings are a part of the individual system configuration requested by clients, and many opt for passwords that require a variety of characters, and that the password is changed on a regular basis.  However, this can be irritating to users.

To make changing your password easy, password reset is visible on every login page.

Why is Batch Download not working?

Downloading multiple documents for review, markup and re-submission is made easy in Project Control via the Batch Download functionality, which utilises the popular language ‘Java’.  If the latest version of Java is not installed, this may inhibit the Batch Download.  Follow these easy steps to fix the Batch Download problem.

I have several files to upload, help?

When review and markup is complete on multiple documents, batch upload is now made easy in Project Control using the File Publisher functionality.  This saves time by scheduling and uploading multiple documents of different file formats and data types at once.  Whilst the data is being uploaded the user can carry on with other tasks within Project Control.

The CONJECT knowledge portal is a treasure trove of useful hints and tips on getting the most from your collaboration software.

And for further assistance, the Helpdesk team are available during business hours via web chat accessible from the homepage of your CONJECT software; by phone 0845 1300 999 or email  helpdesk_uk@conject.com.   International users call +44 (0)115 924 817.


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