Jun 26 2014

Pacific focus – An interview with CONJECT’s Jon Marshall

Jon Marshall, Regional Business Development Manager, CONJECT Pacific In this edition we talk to Jon Marshall, the Business Development Manager for the Pacific region.

CONJECT Blog:  With several new customers and projects using our software in the region, can you provide an insight into local market conditions?

Jon Marshall:  During the second year of CONJECT operations in the pacific region, we have seen a five-fold increase in revenue growth.  Our clients in the utilities and infrastructure sectors require applications which both automate AEC information workflows and ensure compliance from their contractor supply chains. Most of our work to date has been with clients such as Christchurch City, Meridian Energy and Watercare Services who are using conjectPC to manage large-scale construction and upgrade programmes of work under the NEC3.

Currently, activity in the New Zealand market is being driven by two main factors – the rebuilding of Christchurch after the devastating 2011 earthquakes and government investment in roads and other infrastructure improvements.

CONJECT Blog:  Can you tell us about key projects in the region that are being delivered with our software? 

Jon Marshall:  There are some key infrastructure projects our clients are involved with at present – the rebuild of the Christchurch Town Hall, the Hunua 3 Pipeline in Auckland and the building of a wind farm at Mill Creek for Meridian Energy.

Upcoming projects at Watercare include the Central Interceptor project which will run for a decade which will help to future proof Auckland’s water supply for the next 100 years.  Across the Tasman Sea we have an increasing number of projects in Australia. Of these, the most notable is the new 64 turbine wind farm at Mt Mercer near Ballarat which is the first NEC3 project to take place on Australian soil.

CONJECT Blog:  What challenges will the local AEC industry face in the next 12 months? 

 Jon Marshall:  The scale of activities in New Zealand at present is putting enormous pressure on the availability of skilled people resources from designers and engineers to project managers and workers on the ground.  Compounding the people issues is the consequent delay of decision-making for IT systems that would assist better workflows and information between the supply chain.

Wireframe BIM building CONJECT Blog: What is the most common request from customers

Jon Marshall: The hot topic in the region is Business Information Modelling (BIM).   Customers are aware of the predictions that BIM will revolutionise the way built assets are planned, built and managed, and they buy into the concept.  The problem is they are struggling to make sense of what it will mean to them.

The good news is that customers can make progress on the BIM roadmap; many CONJECT customers are currently using our software to meet Level 1 BIM requirements.  And we have a wealth of experience within the business to guide customers through the steps to implement an effective BIM methodology.

CONJECT Blog: What is CONJECT developing that you are most excited about?  

 Jon Marshall:  I’m excited about the functionalities provided by the new conjectMI mobile defects platform and conjectFM facilities management platform.  Dramatic improvements in productivity and compliance of defects and inspections management can be achieved using conjectMI, as Lend Lease has found in the UK.

The efficiency savings of specialised facilities management solutions will soon be available to mid-size operations at a fraction of the cost of on-premise software, via our cloud-based software conjectFM.  In addition, I’m looking forward to the further development and enhancement of our BIM functionality which will provide our customers with rich BIM capabilities and options to ensure compliance with BIM level 2 and beyond.

For more information about how you can improve on-time delivery of projects and manage costs, please contact Jon Marshall  on:

Phone: +64 9 424 1170
Email:  jon.marshall@conject.com
Website:  www.conject.com

49 Cochrane Avenue
Arkles Bay,
New Zealand

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