Jul 30 2014

Are you ready for Soft Landings?

Soft landings with CONJECTRecently we have noticed an increase in the number of UK construction projects being procured in line with Soft Landings principles.

Soft Landings is a framework, created by BSRIA and the Usable Buildings Trust.  It proposes that a Construction Client is more actively involved throughout the planning, design and construction phases and into what for many construction organisations is new territory; an aftercare stage.

The objective of Soft Landings is to help construction clients obtain the assets and outcomes they require and it is closely allied with BIM.

For those of us that have spent many years in the technology industry we are more than aware that technology on its own does not deliver sustainable business benefits – it is not a silver bullet.  It requires effective working practices/processes and users willing and able to make them work.

The hidden gem of Soft Landings
Soft Landings is a hidden gem, because it is a logical and sensible set of updated working practices, designed to help ensure design, construction and handover are all focused on delivering an asset a Client requires.  Its design means it should help BIM to be beneficial in more than just the design phase.  Under a Soft Landings project often the contractor will hold the aftercare contract, taking on additional responsibility for fully understanding, documenting and managing the asset for a period of time post-completion.  So far our customers have experienced Soft Landings periods of between 2 and 5 years.

How CONJECT clients will be able to deliver soft landings
For our contractor clients the immediate requirement is to help them implement revised ways to bridge the information gap during their aftercare responsibilities.  We’re doing this by focusing on three areas:

  • First, by investigating ways to support their on site commissioning demands, typically through delivering flexible data capture and inspection functionality through tablet devices
  • Second, by implementing an FM based digital dataset of the completed asset (a CDE) with IFC and COBie integration capabilities
  • And finally providing a lightweight FM system, linked to the digital dataset, to help manage end-user support calls and FM processes

Combined, we are aiming to provide contractors with a helping hand with their Soft Landings commitments, so that they experience less of a “bump” than otherwise might occur when attempting to meet all of the principles of soft landings. Each of these applications will be inherently flexible in that they can integrate with each other and will require minimal effort to configure and deploy. They will be available “out-of-the-box”.

With 80% of a built assets costs occurring during its operational lifecycle, we’re committed to support owner/operators and contracting clients to realise the outcomes they desire, across the whole plan-build-operate lifecycle.

If you would like to find out more about how CONJECT can help you with Soft Landings, call or email Christian Harvey on +44 (0)1483 712620.

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Steve Cooper

Steve Cooper is Managing Director of Conject Ltd. He has spent over 25 years within the construction and engineering software markets, successfully running sales and marketing teams. He spent a number of years at SAP within their E&C practice, set up and managed a distribution channel in Asia Pacific for a division of Misys and ran a sales and marketing team within CSB COINS. In 2000 he gained an MBA from Henley Management College.

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