Aug 20 2014

ISG increase efficiency of defect capture & resolution

ISG logo With the objective of ensuring high quality standards and timely delivery of a project to refit a grade II listed building for a London university, ISG, the international construction services company identified a need for a defect and inspection management tool.

In selecting conjectMI to manage the defect process on the £6.5m project, ISG became one of the first UK customers to deploy the cloud-based mobile inspections and defect management platform.

Easy capture and management of defects

During the six-month project, the ISG project team captured 800 defects using the conjectMI iPad app. Once synched to the cloud, up-to-date data became accessible to the project team via iPad or desktop. Harry Southard, Assistant Project Manager for ISG Construction said:

“We found that the application made it quick and easy to capture and input details of snags into mobile devices whilst on-site. Using the software on mobile devices saved us a great deal of time.”

The defects were then distributed by package or trade to ISG’s sub-contractor supply chain of 29 companies. The software coordinated and managed the notifications and subsequent replies between them and their supply chain so that ISG could report on the status of snags in real-time, by supplier or package, helping them to monitor and manage supply chain performance.  Harry remarked:

“The powerful reporting functionality with its configurable reports and formats gives us in-depth visibility on the status of defects, which helps us to better manage our projects and improve quality and efficiency.”

Following the success of the project, ISG are rolling out conjectMI across several of their UK business units with a view to the software supporting many future projects.

The features of conjectMI include:

  • Hosted environment provides one continuous record of data
  • Easy-to-use interface for capturing and sharing defects
  • Advanced reporting and statistical analysis to aid supply chain management
  • Multi-environment – desktop and iPad

If you would like to find out more about how you can improve the quality of your construction project, please contact Christian Harvey on +44 (0)1483 712 620.


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