Oct 08 2014

Successful supply chain management at Heathrow T2 Retail

Terminal 2Ensuring that 67 upmarket shopping boutiques and restaurants were fitted out and commissioned for the June 2014 opening of Heathrow Terminal 2 was the responsibility of Retail Concessionaire Delivery Leader, James Wright.

Looking back on the challenges, James reflected:

“The overall challenge for Terminal 2 retail was coordinating with 188 different retailers, contractors and supplier organisations throughout all phases of the project. There was huge demand on project communications across lots of different teams.”

Describing his goal, James added:

“Ensuring that project information was accessible and up-to-date was essential to ensure we could reduce peaks, and phase the project over a number of months, so that there would be no delays.”

By selecting the CONJECT cloud collaboration platform at the beginning of the scheme in 2012, James ensured he and the team at Heathrow would have in place a robust and secure system that would prove its value by making a significant contribution towards the delivery of the retail units in advance of Terminal 2’s opening date.

Heathrow solved the following challenges:

  • Sharing and management of over 7,000 design & drawing documents with an integrated project supply chain of 368 users across 188 different companies
  • Mitigate the IT security risk involved with moving large amounts of data between internal and external organisations (conforming with ISO 27001)
  • Ensure that all commissioning, O&M, OH&S files and as-built information were complete to facilitate a seamless handover to operational management

Summarising the outcomes of using the collaboration software, James Wright said:

“In terms of cost savings we improved efficiency and supply chain performance by streamlining project communication processes. Ultimately, conjectPC helped to reduce the risk of project delay on a high profile scheme which simply could not afford to be delivered late.”

Read the Heathrow Terminal 2 Retail case study.

If you would like to know more about how you can improve the management of your engineering and construction projects, call Christian Harvey on 01483 712 620.


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