Nov 26 2014

ISG game changer in quality management

CHEVRON HOUSE - ABERDEENWith the goal of improving build quality on a £2m fit-out, ISG was looking for ways to improve its defects processes. They managed to resolve defects 150-200% faster by using the multi-platform software, conjectMI.

Looking for quality improvements

Eddie Rooney, project manager at ISG sought a way to ensure that high levels of quality and consistency were delivered by each one of the 19 specialist sub-contractors. The high tech and complex nature of the work they were undertaking meant that even minor defects could have a serious knock on effect on the programme of works. Identifying that the existing system of manually capturing, sharing and managing the rectification of defects was an administrative burden and could cause unnecessary delay, Eddie said:

 “Having to write out defect details, take photos and bring that information back to the office, input it into a spreadsheet and distribute it involved a great deal of manual administration.”

Eddie was looking for a system that would enable him to capture defects and quickly and easily share them with the relevant contractors so remedial work could take place. A colleague introduced him to conjectMI, a cloud based mobile inspections tool.

Involving the supply chain in decision-making

Key to successful deployment was buy in from the supply chain partners on the project. Once they saw how simple it was to respond to and update defect statuses, they bought into the concept and agreed to use it, recognising that the quicker they were notified of a defect, the quicker they could respond to and rectify it.

The system went live in July with Eddie using the mobile software installed on his iPad with the floor plans and relevant sub-contractor information pre-loaded onto the device. He said:

“We captured, managed and resolved defects 150 to 200% faster than we would have done if we used our old manual processes.“

The benefits of using conjectMIControl Centre

Eddie was able to capture a defect, log it and issue notice to a project member in a matter of seconds, using conjectMI.

The project team also found a number of other benefits to using the solution:


  • Built in reporting functionality – Allowing prioritisation of defects and better allocation of resources
  • Dashboard and notifications – Easy to keep the construction director informed of the status of defects
  • More accurate identification of defects with no risk of double entry of data or duplication of work
  • Easy to share detailed information on the defect with contractors – Contractors could asses and carry out the required work more efficiently

The project was completed this year and signed off by the client, ahead of schedule and within budget.

For more information please see the case study

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