Nov 12 2014

National Grid reach collaborative milestone on energy infrastructure programme

National Grid LogoA performance report published earlier this week reveals that the conjectPC collaboration platform has managed over 50,000 project related contractual communications for National Grid in the six months since the system went live in April 2014.


A key requirement for National Grid was to ensure that the application was deployed with minimal fuss or disruption to avoid project delays. To achieve this aim, the CONJECT deployment team worked closely with National Grid and the 17 contractor organisations who are delivering the projects.


The programme of work consists of over 290 energy utility repair and upgrade projects throughout the UK (energy sub-station refurbishment, gas supply line improvements etc.) which are being delivered using variations of engineering contracts such as the NEC, FIDIC and EPC. This required the associated project workflows to be carefully mapped out within the application so that a change occurring under the terms of one contract was integrated with the processes and timescales of the other interlinking contracts.


Looking back at the deployment phase National Grid’s National Contracts Manager Andy Cruise said:


“The system has been rolled out to plan and to budget in the space of just 6 months and great feedback has been received from system users.”


“A stand out point has been the great relationship that Conject and National Grid have shared.  There really is a team spirit where we’re all aiming to get the best result”.


By November 2014 the system had been logged into over 131,000 times and had administered document & contractual processes between 1772 users, greatly reducing the amount of resource that National Grid would have otherwise required to manage contracts between project stakeholders.Eakring_129_lowres


Following this successful implementation, further resource and scalability has been assigned to the platform to cater for the roll out of the application throughout National Grid’s business units. More users will be delivering more projects with the support of conjectPC across the National Grid network.

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