Jan 22 2015

Collaborative contracts meet collaboration technology

NECLast week we looked at the central role people play in improving collaboration, and the key challenges of building trust and moving towards more collaborative company cultures.  One way of meeting these considerable challenges is the adoption of collaborative contracts such as NEC or JCT.

Using a collaborative contract structure codifies expectations for all parties involved.  It details how change is handled, and sets out the conditions that determine compensation events.  The clear expectations set out by such contracts create transparency and ensure different parties have to work collaboratively.


Technology reduces admin and increases control over contracts 

Technology can be a powerful tool for encouraging and enabling collaboration on built environment projects. Collaboration platforms support users of collaborative contracts, by simplifying administration, codifying and implementing processes and workflows, and measuring performance and compliance.

CONJECT is proud to be an Authorised Content Provider to the NEC, providing NEC3 Contract Administration software to support and enable the successful administration of the full NEC3 contract suite.  Dozens of clients have streamlined their contract administration using CONJECT NEC Contract Management.


Cambridgeshire County Council show £150k annual savings 

Cambridgeshire County Council are responsible for the maintenance and improvement of an extensive road network across the county.  In association with Atkins they manage a programme of works consisting of around 40,000 jobs of various sizes each year.  The relationship between the Council and Atkins is based on NEC contracts, using a target cost approach meaning all unforeseen project changes are to be agreed between the Council and the Contractor.

To operate successfully this system requires accurate records of change as well as compensation requests. Before the implementation of the CONJECT collaboration platform, achieving the required level of accuracy and speed had not been possible.

The outcome: Cambridgeshire County Council identified a saving in staff costs alone of £150,000 per year in addition to improving governance and meeting compliance regulations in the contract.


Roslin InstituteParsons Brinckerhoff use IT to enable collaboration across continents 

Project managers Parsons Brinckerhoff were selected by the Roslin Institute to construct a £60m world class research facility. A major challenge of the project was coordination between key stakeholders based in the UK and North America.

Parsons Brinkerhoff recognised from the outset that robust information flows were critical to the project. In addition, the client specified the use of the NEC3 contract which would require the whole team to adopt a more open approach and apply a clear focus on meeting the strict response times for information provision, communications and decision making success.

CONJECT were chosen to provide the platform upon which this collaboration would take place. With a third of the thousands of users based overseas, the platform was identified as a key enabler of close collaboration between geographically dispersed teams.

The outcome: Parsons Brinkerhoff identified a saving of over £100,000 on administration costs, alone as well as emphasising how the platform made it easy to follow the processes set out by the NEC.


The NEC3 and other collaboration contracts are powerful tools for increasing collaborative working practices on projects.  The use of a collaboration platform like CONJECT can greatly simplify both the contract administration required and the communication and workflow management that is necessary to deliver benefits to the client and contractor.


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