Apr 02 2015

A Common Data Environment for BIM

BIM Show LiveWith a year to go until the UK Government deadline for use of BIM Level 2, combined with growing private sector uptake, the BIM challenge is becoming very real.  Asset owners, contractors and consultants alike are wrestling with the challenge of adopting and implementing new working practices and processes in order to meet their obligations and realise the benefits of BIM.

BIM is fundamentally about improving efficiencies and reducing error through greater collaboration, better oversight of the ‘whole team’s’ work and greater integration of both the project supply chain and the whole asset lifecycle.  Models, COBie data, data standards etc. are all just technologies and processes to facilitate this.

At CONJECT supporting collaboration, communication and integration in the built environment has been our mission for over a decade and BIM doesn’t change this, it’s simply the next evolutionary step.  Our tried and tested Common Data Environment (CDE) has been developed to bring secure, controlled and reportable information flows, processes and working practices from the 2D world to BIM.


BIM Show Live

We will be showcasing our CDE for BIM solution at the BIM Show Live event in Manchester on 8-9th April.  BIM Show Live is billed as the premier event for BIM in the UK with around 400 delegates and an extensive programme of speakers covering every level of expertise from the beginners ‘BIM Breakfast’ to high level consideration of what BIM Level 3 may entail.

As well as displaying our BIM capabilities we will be at the event to keep abreast of the latest developments and challenges and ensuring our solutions continue to support the needs of the industry.


Hot Topics

The organisers identify a number of hot topics for the event and it is interesting to note that these is a lot of focus around both BIM for infrastructure/asset management and BIM for clients.  We have noticed recently that a number of public clients are setting out with a requirement to ‘do BIM’ without a clear idea of what they want to do or what they need the contractor to deliver.

CONJECT will be on stand 29, so whether you are a contractor looking for ways to better handle BIM data, a client wanting to do BIM or an asset owner wanting to move beyond construction to the whole lifecycle come and have a chat.

To find out more about our CDE and how it can support BIM read our information sheet.

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