Sep 04 2015

The Middle East builds big again – Q&A With Phil Auguste

  1. Phil AugustePhil Auguste recently joined us as CONJECT’s Head of Business Development for Dubai and the wider Middle East. Phil you have previous experience in construction but what attracted you to CONJECT specifically?

Having enjoyed working abroad (outside of the UK) for seven years, I was keen to join a company with international growth ambitions. I knew of CONJECT as they have been established in Dubai since 2006 where I have been based since 2009. One of the big draws for me in moving to CONJECT was the opportunity to work alongside the entire construction supply chain (Developers, PMs, Contractors & Consultants), in supporting some of the largest construction and infrastructure projects in the world.


  1. The Middle East is an important region for CONJECT, could you tell us more about the current state of the market?

The Middle East is building on a huge scale!

UAE and Qatar in particular are racing against time to ensure major schemes and projects completed in time for Expo2020 and FIFA2022 respectively. With construction output still yet to peak, it’s a very exciting time and the outlook of the AEC sector in this region is very positive.


  1. Can you tell us about some of the projects CONJECT are involved with?

We work with entire project teams in the region, with CONJECT’s solutions underpinning the delivery phases of all sizes of projects. Some recent examples of work undertaken by the team here include:


  1. Dubai ConstructionWhat challenges are the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry likely to face in the next 12 months?

I believe there are three main challenges facing the industry in this region:

  1. A lack of skilled resources to deliver projects
  2. The risk of inflation affecting the actual delivery costs of construction projects
  3. The need for greater compliance and auditability, i.e. ‘lessons learned’ following the last downturn



  1. What is the most common problem/requirement that clients have that brings them to CONJECT?

I’ve joined CONJECT at a time where there is lots of change in the industry, and within CONJECT.

Integration is playing an important role in customers’ minds. Aside from the core offering of hosted collaboration and project controls – which is the principle reason why customers speak to us – there is ongoing work around an integrated BIM platform. BIM is generating many enquiries from new and existing customers who are keen to know how their data would be managed within our cloud based platform. The powerful CONJECT reporting functionality then enables them to extract Business Intelligence from their projects and programmes.

Much of the focus of BIM has been around modelling, supporting both efficient design and clash detection, however it’s the integration of information that allows BIM to support a built asset through construction into operation, which is now proving vital to teams which are collaborating on the delivery of projects.

Additionally, with the Facilities Management sector seeing huge growth in the Middle East region, there is also considerable interest in the conjectMI mobile defects management and handover solution.


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