Dec 11 2015

CONJECT goal is customer satisfaction

CONJECT Helpdesk
More than 100,000 people use CONJECT collaboration applications in order to increase the efficiency and quality of all types of construction and maintenance projects around the world.

Ensuring a robust and secure IT infrastructure is in place to deliver an effective Common Data Environment (CDE) is a central commitment of CONJECT.

A commitment of equal importance is providing support to customers to ensure that they know how to use the CDE to provide optimal benefit to their daily work, and that technical issues they encounter are quickly remedied via CONJECT Customer Support.

This means that maintaining a high level of satisfaction for customers who interact with our Customer Support services is a key performance indicator internally at CONJECT.


Measuring Customer Satisfaction

To measure the satisfaction of customers who interact with our Helpdesk, we conduct a post-interaction survey.  When a Helpdesk case has been closed, the customer is given the opportunity to rate from 1 (low) to 10 (high) their level of satisfaction with how the issue was resolved.

The survey is anonymous and takes seconds to complete enabling fast feedback, and a comments section gives customers the opportunity to provide specific information about their experience.

Between May and December, the average satisfaction score was 9.7 out of 10.

A flavour of the comments provided are:


‘Conject staff are always friendly and helpful when contacting them with queries either by phone or email. I am known to ask stupid questions or verify things for peace of mind, and find them very patient. Great service whenever I need something.’



‘Generally your Helpdesk staff are really polite and efficient and helpful. One tends to feel whether communicating via email or on the phone that they are interested and desirous of giving assistance.’


Customer Support provided in many ways

We have in place a wide range of support resources and behind these are support processes and procedures.

The most frequently request is the need to change a password (which is a client instigated requirement) and the software has inbuilt support for this process.

This and other commonly requested processes such as adding new users to projects are detailed within our online Knowledge Base portal which features comprehensive instructions and guidance videos. This resource receives hundreds of views per day, enabling users to quickly solve their query and improve their knowledge of how to use our products. The resource can be accessed by every user from within the CDE.

The Helpdesk is the next line of support, where users can communicate with an experienced member of our team via live chat, phone email. With each client having multiple configurations and business processes managed by the CDE, on occasion some issues require further investigation and rectification by the support team.

If this happens, helpdesk cases are created and an action plan is determined and shared with the customer. The case is kept open until the customer confirms that the issue is resolved and the customer is satisfied.

If you require Customer Support, visit the conjectPC Knowledge Base or call: 0845 1300 999, or email: support_UK@conject.com

For support on all CONJECT products click here.

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