Jan 22 2016

UK continues to lead the way in BIM adoption

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The results of an international survey reveals that AEC professionals in the UK consider their organisations to be more proficient with BIM than respondents in any other country.

Over 1,300 participants took part in the most recent CONJECT survey, which was conducted late last year throughout Europe, Russia, and the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific regions.

The objective of the survey was to understand BIM adoption levels and implementation methodologies globally.Click here to read an excerpt of the results.

Large portion of UK respondents say they are at BIM level 2

41% of UK respondents said that their company had reached BIM level 2, which was the highest proportion of any country or region. Undoubtedly this high level of usage can be attributed to the UK Government’s mandate that the construction industry must use BIM on public sector projects from 4th April onwards.

UK respondents also lead the way by a substantial proportion for BIM adoption at maturity level 1.  Meanwhile, 16% of UK respondents said they do not use BIM at all, which was by far the lowest proportion globally.

International levels of maturity driven by Government stimulus

Germany and Austria

The survey revealed that over 40% of German & Austrian companies do not currently use BIM.  The adoption of BIM in Germany has had a stimulus in the form of the Ministry of Transportation & Digital Infrastructure’s recent announcement that all public sector transport projects must be delivered using BIM from 2020.


In France respondents reported strong familiarity with BIM level 1, but less so with Level 2. The country has seen several BIM initiatives and pilot projects during the last decade, and media reports suggest the French government will announce a 2017 or 2018 mandate of BIM.


After the UK, the next highest level of maturity with BIM level 2 was Asia-Pacific. The majority of the survey respondents from this region are either based in or around Singapore.

The Singapore Government has for a number of years encouraged digital innovation within its construction industry. Since 2010 regulatory bodies have accepted planning submissions in the form of 3D BIM models. In 2013 this became mandatory for buildings over 20,000 Sq. m and in 2015 this applied to buildings over 5,000 Sq. m.

Get your copy of the full CONJECT BIM survey results

A full set of results from the CONJECT BIM Survey will be available before the end of February. To reserve your free copy click here

To find out more about how CONJECT’s Common Data Environment can help your organisation to implement BIM across your projects and supply chains click here.

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